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Work capability assessment

This assessment examines the worker within the workplace to determine if they are physically able to perform their working duties or if modifications are required. Each problematic job task is rigorously analysed through measures of function to provide work specific recommendations. We adopt a positive focus on what the worker is capable of doing rather than limitations.

Since April 2010 the Med3 ‘sick note’ has become a ‘fit note’ so this assessment assists the employer in complying with the implementation of reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

This assessment is suitable for:

A worker who is currently absent from work or a worker who is in work but having difficulties performing tasks.

The assessment will help the employer decide:

  • If the worker is able to perform their substantive duties or not.
  • What restrictions need to be implemented or alterations need to be made to the workplace to facilitate a phased return or keep the individual at work.
  • Which alternative job roles the worker can perform.
  • How to fulfil their responsibilities to accommodate workers under the Equality Act 2010.
  • What further rehabilitation requirements are required

Following the assessment/s: a report detailing all findings and recommendations will be prepared and emailed within 48 hours.

How it works: We offer simple / single or multiple / complex task assessments so please contact head office for further details.