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    • 08 DEC 16
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    The science and benefits of sports massage

    The science and benefits of sports massage

    Sports massage is a regular component in training regimes all over the world, and has long been associated with accelerated recovery after exercise, as well as reduced inflammation in the muscles and a reduction in pain following intensive activity. The scientific literature to support these and other benefits continues to grow, with a wealth of new studies published over the course of 2016.

    In March, the Journal of Physiotherapy reported on the use of massage therapy to decrease pain and fatigue following an Ironman triathlon in Australia. Among a group of 74 athletes with thigh pain, half were given targeted quadriceps massages and half were told to recover simply by sitting. Those given the massage therapy were significantly less likely to perceive muscle fatigue or pain in their thighs than the control group.

    This is, of course, not an isolated case: in October, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a summary of the scientific research behind sports massage and found the therapy is effective even for a variety of different treatment schedules.

    “Massage initiated immediately after exercise and massage delayed by 48 hours were both effective in reducing muscle oedema and decreasing the number of damaged muscle fibres compared to exercised, non-massaged controls,” the authors wrote. They also noted “striking improvements” when massage therapy is administered over four consecutive days, accelerating recovery from intense exercise.

    The evidence for the effectiveness of sports massage is overwhelming and most professional athletes will prioritise it highly in their training schedule. Anyone who regularly takes part in exercise will strongly benefit from the effects of Sports Massage with improved muscle function and accelerated recovery times.

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