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Occupational & Ergonomics
  • Occupational Physiotherapy

    Occupational & Ergonomics

    A Physiotherapy service with the specific objective of keeping employees in work or returning to work at the earliest opportunity.

    Who uses this service?

    Due to the effectiveness of successfully rehabilitating employees we currently provide this service to a wide range of companies including Greater Manchester Fire Service, North West Ambulance Service, Manchester City Council, Akcros Chemicals, Co-operative Group and Robinsons Unicorn Brewery to name just a few.

    Did you know?

    After 6 months of being off work because of back pain there is a 50% chance of not returning to work which increases to 75% at one year. To prevent musculoskeletal injuries from causing absenteeism we provide a “rapid response” physiotherapy service which is second to none.

    Our physiotherapy service aims to:

    • Prevent sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders
    • Manage and resolve sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders
    • Provide a cost effective service (Research shows that for every pound spent on vocational rehabilitation, twelve pound is saved)
    • Reduce expenditure on special investigation, invasive procedures and consultants
    • Provide evidence-based treatment including “hands on” techniques appropriate to the individual’s presentation
    • Address maladaptive psychological and behavioural problems
    • Encourage self-management and active coping skills
    • Implement strategies to enable the injured individual to return to work
    • Provide immediate information on work capability
    • Reduce the overall cost of claims

    workersHow does this service work?

    • Staff suffering from musculoskeletal injuries can be rapidly referred to us without needing to see their GP.
    • The employee will be offered an appointment for assessment and treatment within 48 HOURS of referral.
    • Employees can choose from any of our clinics within Greater Manchester and Merseyside.
    • Employees will undergo a thorough assessment with one of our highly trained and experienced therapists.
    • Within 24 hours a comprehensive report will be sent outlining appropriate prognosis, recommendations, work related restrictions and treatment plans.

  • Ergonomics

    Occupational healthDisplay screen equipment workstation risk assessment

    At Metro Physio we assess an individual’s workstation to ensure that it is optimally arranged to provide best levels of occupational health, comfort and productivity for the employee.We assess all aspects of the workstation including the chair dimensions… Read more

    Task-and-Job-DemandsTask and job demands analysis risk assessment

    The focus of this assessment is on the working environment to ensure that it is adequately arranged to fit the majority of users and reduce the risk of staff developing musculoskeletal disorders. This assessment allows implementation of reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 ..Read more

    Work-capabilityWork capability assessment

    This assessment examines the worker within the workplace to determine if they are physically able to perform their working duties or if modifications are required. Each problematic job task is rigorously analysed through measures of function to provide work specific recommendations… Read more

    manualhandlingManual handling training

    The Manual Handling Training covers any task which requires a person to lift, lower, push, pull, hold or carry any object, animal or person. This assessment complies with the HSE requirements (Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992) and covers essential topics… Read more

    ergonomics_group_presentationErgonomics presentation

    This presentation covers a broad spectrum of ergonomic issues to help educate workers and minimise the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The presentation covers basic spine and shoulder anatomy and biomechanics, how to minimise… Read more

    back-painReturn to work and work hardening programme

    The Programme involves a “Bio-psycho-social” assessment. Within our assessment we address the physical (bio), personal and psychological (psycho) factors that influence recovery and return to work… Read more

  • Case Study

    l6Metro Physio Provide Physiotherapy to the North West Ambulance Service: Click Here for the Case Study

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