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    • 28 APR 15
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    Salford City Council

    Salford City Council

    “Salford City Council works in partnership with Metro Health & Wellbeing towards the wellbeing of employees across all departments. When an employee is referred to them for assessment, advice and treatment, it is normal practice for the employee to have an appointment within 48 hours. They are certainly contacted by Metro Physio within that time to arrange an appropriate appointment in a locality favourable to the individual.

    The reports we receive are professional, prompt and offer appropriate advice on employment issues including adjustments and restrictions to duties. On discharge, the individual is usually much better. If not the physiotherapist has referred them beck to their GP for onward referral. Feedback I have received from employees who have been treated at Metro Physio has been positive.

    The general opinion is that they have received first class treatment and had their conditions explained to them in a manner they understand, without the medical jargonise. They usually understand what they need to do to manage their own condition. Discharge reports received in the Occupational Health Unit are extremely useful when offering managers advice on future fitness for work”.

    Johanna Wilde
    Occupational Health Manager
    Salford City Council

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