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Content of assessment: The Programme involves a Bio-psycho-social” assessment. Within our assessment we address the physical (bio), personal and psychological (psycho) factors that influence recovery and return to work. We also explore the importance of the social context on behaviour and function (social).

Task and Job Demands Analysis Risk Assessment: Each patient undergoes a thorough assessment to measure their current capacity to map deficits against their needs for work and life this provides the basis to the work hardening programme.

Work Conditioning/ Hardening programme: This aspect of the programme utilises physical conditioning and task orientated functional activities related to work. It is similar to a fitness programme but individually tailored for the patient and reflective of his/ her needs in work.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: This part of the programme teaches psychological strategies to help address maladaptive psychological and behavioural problems. It helps patients change their attitudes and beliefs regarding pain. If there are significant psychological barriers to recovery which are beyond the scope of this problem then onward referral to Cognitive Behavioural Specialist will be recommended.

Goal setting and return to work planning: An integral part in an individual’s rehabilitation is goal setting. We enable patients (with the aid of managers) to set goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-scaled (SMART). Delivered by Physiotherapists specially trained in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, this form of intensive rehabilitation assesses all factors which may affect an employee from returning to work and systematically addresses these matters to promote a structured and smooth return to work.

This assessment is suitable for: Employees reporting long term working restrictions, recurrent or long term absences from work with chronic musculoskeletal disorders thereby “at risk” of long term absence. These employees normally have psychosocial barriers to recovery. This programme is particularly suitable for employees who have been off work or on restrictions for longer than 12 weeks and have not responded to conventional physiotherapy management.

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