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Manchester Physiotherapy Experts


At Metro Physio, we provide expert Physiotherapy treatments to private and corporate patients.

Treating patients since 1988, we are still one of the longest running Physiotherapy practices in Manchester and have treated thousands of satisfied patients right across Manchester, Hyde, Knowsley, Wirral (Prenton), Walkden, Stockport and Middleton.

The Physiotherapy Experts


Metro Physio hold many prestigious contracts providing physiotherapy services to the likes of Greater Manchester Fire Service, North West Ambulance Service, Manchester City Council, Merseyside Fire & Rescue, and The Royal Northern College of Music.

Due to our reputation of physiotherapy services across Greater Manchester, Hyde, Knowsley, Wirral, Stockport and Middleton – we have a large number of applicants seeking employment which allows us to choose only the most exceptional physiotherapists ensuring you get the highest quality of physio treatment.

Metro Physio - Ergonomic Assessment at our Manchester physiotherapist and Merseyside Physio Clinics

Our Corporate Clients


Metro Physio provide a wide range of Physiotherapy and occupational health and ergonomic assessments services to our many corporate clients including North West Ambulance Service, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Fire Service, Merseyside Fire & Rescue and the Co-operative Group to name just a few.

At Metro Physio we believe being healthy is as much about prevention as it is about cure; it’s also about how you feel. That’s why we also offer ergonomic assessments alongside physiotherapy services to our corporate clients. They help spot potential issues before they lead to problems. Our physiotherapists will then ensure we provide the most appropriate advice and physio treatment.

Metro Physio also provide workstation assessments to ensure that it is optimally arranged for the individual to provide best levels of, comfort and productivity for the employee. We assess all aspects of the workstation including the chair dimensions, chair mechanisms, sitting posture, desk dimensions, desk layout, desk surface height, desk depth, arm rest position, screen depth, screen angle and screen height. Simple modifications, advice and education are provided to the employee at the time of assessment.

Our Elite Athletes treated by our Manchester physiotherapy and wirral physio specialists

Our Elite Athletes


Due to our reputation and specialist physiotherapy skills our physio therapists treat international athletes such as Olympic Bronze medallists Beth Tweddle and Daniel Purvis, professional Sports teams  as well as professional entertainers and musicians.

At Metro Physio we believe correct technique is vital in all Athletic disciplines and injuries often occur when there are movement fault patterns or when a particular muscle group is over-trained, this is where Metro Physio can help and provide the correct physiotherapy treatment.

A thorough physical assessment of the Athlete’s biomechanics and an understanding of the demands of the event are therefore vital to establish the cause of the injury and to provide specific rehabilitation and if necessary physiotherapy to that individual athlete.

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    Exercises to Handle Sciatica

    Exercises to Handle Sciatica

    Some exercises to help you deal with sciatica Sciatic pain is the pain caused in the sciatic nerve in your body. The term sciatica refers to the pain that originates from the lower back and then travels through the buttock in the large nerve situated in each of the leg. Sciatica is not a medical

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    Are You Sure You Are Doing the Right Calf Exercises?

    Are You Sure You Are Doing the Right Calf Exercises?

    How to strengthen your calf muscles? It does not matter if you have only begun running or have been running for a very long time; some muscles in your leg can become very stiff. This stiffness of muscles can cause immense pain with each step that we take and can become a big problem. This