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    • 16 DEC 16
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    How Metro Physio keep Greater Manchester Fire Service on the job

    How Metro Physio keep Greater Manchester Fire Service on the job

    Greater Manchester Fire Service face a challenging job, often with intense physical activity, heavy personal protective equipment and few opportunities to rest until the job is done. As the official physiotherapy provider to Greater Manchester Fire Service, Metro Physio’s role is to treat any injuries and keep firefighters in peak condition to reduce time spent off work.

    National statistics state that work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) cost an average of 16.3 working days per case, a total of 8.8 million workdays in 2015-16, and account for over two fifths of all work-related illnesses.

    At Metro Physio, we provide a Fast Track service guaranteeing appointments within 48 hours and we usually offer appointments the same or next day. During the initial appointment, patients are given a thorough assessment and then provided with the best possible treatment to start repairing the damage caused by intense or repetitive movement and a lack of rest – the conditions firefighters are especially likely to encounter. Early intervention by Metro Physio’s professional physiotherapists therefore helps to quickly rehabilitate injuries and accelerate a return to work.

    The results from all cases in our last quarter showed nearly half of all referrals were seen on the same day, with a further 30% given an appointment the following day.  The average reduction in self-reported pain following a short course of treatment was 72.5% and 85% of patients were discharged on full duties.

    The evidence shows that for every £1 spent on physiotherapy for Greater Manchester Fire Service, the return is around £4 – so it’s not just about personal comfort, it makes great business sense too.

    Metro Physio are proud of these results, showing the importance of early physiotherapy intervention on WRMSDs to prevent the patient’s condition from worsening and enabling a much quicker return to full duties and activities.

    Do you think that you or your company would benefit from our physiotherapy services in Manchester? Get in contact with our Manchester physiotherapy clinics here.

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