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  • What is Wrist Tendonitis

    What is Wrist Tendonitis

    Some Information on Wrist Tendonitis Wrist tendonitis is a common problem that arises due to overuse which causes injuries to the wrist tendons. This problem is characterized by tissue damage, swelling and pain. Two of the main tendons to the thumb pass through a tunnel located on the thumb side of the wrist. Any swelling

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  • Some Exercises for Torn Calf Muscle

    Some Exercises for Torn Calf Muscle

    What exercises to do if you have a torn calf muscle Calf muscle tear is a common injury that occurs on the lower calf muscle. This problem is similar to that of Achilles tendon tear but the difference is that it occurs in the higher up of the back of the leg. This problem is

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  • Strengthen Your Ankle After a Sprain

    Strengthen Your Ankle After a Sprain

    These exercises will help you strengthen your ankle after getting a sprain If you have developed an ankle strain, it is important that you rest and relax to heal yourself. After you have obtained some strength and your injury is somehow healed so that you have regained the ability to withstand your own weight, you

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  • Staying Safe During Exercises

    Staying Safe During Exercises

    How can you stay safe during exercising? Exercising regularly is very important for your health. It keeps you fit, in shape and it also keeps you fresh and energetic. Some people start an exercise program enthusiastically but unfortunately have to leave it midway because of injuries that they encounter due to lack of fitness or

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