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  • Why Choose Metro Physio?

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    • Our philosophy is that from the first time you contact us until we have completed your treatment to give the highest level of care and service we possibly can at all times.
    • We are totally committed to giving every individual the same excellent service whether it be one of our elite athletes preparing for the Olympics or an individual wishing to return to work or play.
    • So if after any appointment you are not 100% happy with the service we provided we will give you your money back for that session and your next session free.
    • Metro Physio are constantly striving to deliver the highest level of service and therefore conduct quarterly patient customer satisfaction surveys where we ask for frank and honest feedback.

    This is what you told us on our latest survey


    How efficient were we when booking your initial appointment 98.4%
    How polite were we when booking your initial appointment 98.4%
    How helpful were we when booking your initial appointment 98.4%
    How efficient polite and helpful were we if you contacted us at any other time 97.5%


    How convenient were the appointment times we offered 92%


    How thorough do you feel the explanation of your problem / condition was 95.3%
    How high do you feel the standard of your treatment was 97.5%
    How would you rate the Physio’s response to any questions you had 97.6%


    Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the service provided 99.5%
    Would you recommend our clinic to others? 100%
  • What Makes us Unique

    • Our client base includes international athletes such as Olympic Bronze medallists Beth Tweddle and Daniel Purvis as well as Professional entertainers and musicians.
    • We also provide our services to the following companies:- Greater Manchester Fire Service, North West Ambulance Service, Manchester City Council, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, BBC, The Royal Northern College of Music and many more.
    • Due to our reputation we are able to select the very best therapists and we are also a teaching clinic for a number of universities.
    • We have specialist therapists offering a huge range of treatments including: Acupuncture, Electrotherapy, Exercise programs, Manipulation, Massage Techniques and Postural Re-education.
    • We have the latest state of the art physiotherapy and gym equipment to fully rehabilitate our patients.
    • We guarantee that we can provide appointments within 48 hours, almost always within 24 hours and on most occasions on the same day.
    • We do not keep patients waiting and nearly always run to time you should never have to wait any more than 10 minutes.
    • We can offer appointments 6 days a week from early morning to evenings and weekends so we are able to offer convenient appointments to all.
    • Our administration team is second to none and will always be at hand to assist you with any questions you may have.
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  • History

    metro physio manchester
    • Metro Physio was founded in 1988 and is now a leading provider of physiotherapy and health related services across Greater Manchester and Merseyside.
    • We began in a three storey Georgian terraced house on the Prestigious Salford Crescent and over the following years have expanded our network of clinics across Greater Manchester and Merseyside
    • Due to our reputation for excellence we have become a teaching clinic for all the local universities
    • We have also gradually introduced numerous health related services for all our clients to ensure we provide the optimum care possible.
    • We treat all individuals from Manual Workers to Barristers, Amateur Footballers to Olympic medallists who all receive the same high quality service.
    • We hold many prestigious contracts including Greater Manchester Fire Service, North West Ambulance Service, Manchester City Council, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, The BBC and The Royal Northern College of Music.
    • Due to our reputation we have a large number of applicants looking to join us which allows us to choose only the most exceptional physiotherapists ensuring you get the highest quality of treatment.
  • Conditions We Treat

  • Treatments Offered

    2eDeep Friction is an aggressive massage technique. It is applied across the tissue fibres. Pressure is given as deeply as possible. This technique is initially painful but can cause a numbing effect. It can be used to break down scar tissue, restore normal movement and prepare the injured structure for mobilisation or manipulation.

    mobilMobilisation is a manual technique where the joint and soft tissues are gently moved by the physiotherapist to restore normal range, lubricate joint surfaces, and relieve pain.

    2mExercise Programmes encompassing a wide range of techniques to strengthen muscles, lengthen tissues or improve postural alignment.

    6tManipulation is a high speed, short movement thrust given at the end of available range. It is used to break down adhesions, remove a blockage within a joint and restore full painless movement.

    5rUltrasonic Therapy transmits sound waves through the tissues stimulating the body’s chemical reactions and therefore healing process, just as shaking a test tube in the laboratory speeds up a chemical reaction. It reduces tissue spasm, accelerates the healing process and results in pain relief.

    3eInterferential Therapy introduces a small electrical current into the tissues and can be used at varying frequencies for differing treatment effects. E.g. pain relief, muscle or nerve stimulation, promoting blood flow and reducing swelling/inflammation.

    We also offer the following services

    5mInjection Therapy is a specialist procedure, which needs the consent of your G.P. A non-harmful steroid and local anaesthetic are injected directly into the injured structure. It has a dramatic effect on removing inflammation and promoting healing.

    6mAcupuncture is an oriental technique of introducing needles into the skin to increase or decrease energy flow to promote pain relief and healing.

    rdSports Massage encompasses a variety of techniques and is given with sufficient pressure through the superficial tissue to reach the deep lying structures. It is used to increase blood flow, decrease swelling, reduce muscle spasm and promote normal tissue repair.

    We can also fast track to the following services

    6rSpecialist Consultants & X-rays/Scans


    4ePodiatry is an analysis of the foot positioning during walking or running with provision of insoles if required.